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Why is perception important?

Perception is defined as the act or faculty of perceiving, or apprehending by means of the senses or of the mind. It is often correlated to cognition, understanding, as well as recognition or appreciation of the moral, psychological, or aesthetic qualities of the subject.

Today, public perception is driven largely by what people can find online as well as personal experiences with a company, product or person. With information just a mouse click away, there is much more expected of companies today than in the past. For early- and growth-stage companies, communication – to customers, investors, potential investors, the public – via social media channels is key.  Your company’s presence on and engagement with the community on social media channels, clarity in and consistency with issuing company news, the aesthetics and depth of your website and video production – all matter. This is where Windmill comes in.

Why choose Windmill?

Windmill is neither marketing, nor advertising, nor public relations, nor investor relations. They have friends that do that. Windmill is a communications house that provides affordable design and management services, specifically focused on social media, to small companies.

While every company is as unique as a fingerprint, they all require the same communication tools to get their intended message across to the public – and even more, to get their intended message across to customers, partners, investors and fans. Windmill provides simple and affordable a la carte services designed to engineer or renew these tools, and sustain them over the long-term. Communication design and management services include social media, press release, website, video presentation and online profile. Click here for more information.

Why is Windmill different?

Windmill was formed to address a niche market of early- and growth-stage small companies in need of a comprehensive and affordable communications and social media manager coupled with a unique investor perspective.

Still in the process of defining themselves, these companies need help in building their online presence and improving public perception the right way. With Windmill as their communications partner and manager, these companies have the tools to reach the next level including: heightened legitimacy and brand awareness; enhanced follower, customer, fan experience; increased interaction with the community; management better able to focus on growing core business; and an integrated and affordable communication solution focused at the public as well as the investment community,