Advantages of Working in a Small Business

What’s the ideal company size to work for? Sure, everyone may want to work in a large Fortune 500 company, but in some cases, that “dream” job of yours may not be what you think. In fact, working in a small business can actually help your career more in some cases. Here are some examples of why working in a small business may have more advantages than you think.

More recognition

One of the advantages of working in a small business is the opportunity to really get to know your coworkers. This is especially advantageous if you are managing others, as you can really learn what motivates those that you are managing. If you are the one being managed, working in a small business enables you to be recognized more for your hard work.

More experience

Another one of the greater advantages of working in a small business is that you learn numerous skill sets or, as most say, “wear different hats.” If you are thinking of running your own company one day, this is especially beneficial as you can use these skill sets to build your business without breaking the bank. This can include but is not limited to learning accounting, administrative duties, how to write a business plan and more.

Job acceleration

Moreover, working in a small business can enable you to get promoted to other positions or in some cases, create your own, faster than if you were working in a large company. Small businesses are flexible – with typically only a few big decision makers. If you’re skilled and motivated enough, those decision makers can move you up quickly – maybe even allow you to create your own department!

Less distractions

Because you are working in a small business, chances are that there are less people around you than normal. That being said, you will have less people pestering you about their weekend plans or what was on TV last night. Not to mention, working in a small business will leave you very much occupied as there is always tons to do and accomplish.

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